What is direct primary care?

What is direct primary care?

Direct primary care is an alternative healthcare option. Instead of patients paying fees for services, often with insurance companies involved, patients pay a monthly or annual retaining fee directly to a physician. This fee typically covers most primary care services, no matter how frequently they are required.

Your membership fee covers personalized primary care including well and sick visits, physicals, chronic care management, care coordination, basic office procedures, and extended access to your doctor in person or via telephone, email, or text messaging.

Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care is Jackson's first DPC practice. We offer affordable, accessible, personalized care. Does Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care accept insurance? No, happily we do not accept health insurance. Our healthcare model excels because it focuses on the relationship between doctor and patient. We don't believe your insurance company's arbitrary and impersonal decisions have any business in the quality or availability of your primary care. Additionally, because we work for our patients, instead of insurance, we are able to offer a higher level of care, more time, and more convenient access. ​ Do I still need health insurance? We strongly recommend that our patients carry health insurance or a health sharing plan to ensure financial help in case hospitalization or specialist referral becomes necessary. Direct Primary Care does not replace and is not health insurance. What if I'm not sure that Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care is right for me? Please come get to know us. Schedule a free, unconditional visit to discuss your questions and healthcare needs. Call us at 307-264-5828.

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