A new year, a new office!

2018 is going to be a great year. I'm learning again how God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others. And our family has been so blessed, that I'm excited for the good work that God has in store for me.  Here in Jackson I am given the opportunity to bless others with patient-centered medical care. Everything about my practice is centered on one idea: "What is best for my patient?" That drives every decision I make. 

Unlimited visits 

No copays

No hidden fees 

Same and next day scheduling

Convenient access by phone, text, and email 

No long waits 

Wholesale price generic meds and labs

It's a practice centered on my patients, without the hassle that insurance companies bring. That's why it took months to find an office space that aligned with this goal. 

The space needed a bit of renovation, but thankfully Teton Craftsman was able to fit me into their busy schedule! Check out pictures below of the progress. More updates will follow. 

If you're ready for a doctor whose focus is YOU, then give me a call at 307-264-5828. 

Have a blessed week,

Dr. Figg

Before: different colored walls, damage in the wall, loud humming fluorescent lights. That desk was found locally and needs some work, but I rather like the reclaimed look that it has. 

In progress:  walls match color, drywall repair in progress, still needs another coat of paint. I managed to get all the Lego pieces out of the desk.

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