Direct Primary Care Cost Savings (Ahorro en Costos de Atención Primaria Directa)

We all get sick. The cost of health care and the inconvenience of seeing a doctor should not keep you from getting better. Urgent care visits, labs, ER fees, body imaging, and prescriptions add up fast and often go above and beyond what insurance covers. While it costs anywhere from $15-40 to visit a doctor with insurance, it can cost $150-300 to visit a doctor without insurance. And that only covers a single visit, not including any additional follow-up appointments or treatment. Direct Primary Care is the answer to more affordable, accessible, and effective health care. Dr. Figg at Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care works to keep you healthy and minimize out of pocket expenses. He offers qua

Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care For Employers (JHDPC para Empleadores)

It is no secret that healthcare costs continue to rise at an unsustainable rate. The cost of health care, especially for employers, is at an all-time high. On average, employers pay $5,179 annually (83 percent of the premium) to cover a single full-time employee.* Multiply that by the number of employees, and that cost can become detrimental to the success of a business. Direct Primary Care is a solution for overcoming inflated health care costs while simultaneously supporting employees. For employers who currently don’t provide benefits and are put off by the cost of major medical plans, DPC provides a fantastic value at an affordable price. Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care offers an employ

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