Direct Primary Care For Your Business (Atención Primaria Directa de Jackson Hole para Empresas)

You own, run and operate a business/nonprofit in Teton County. You care about your employees and their families, and you want them to be happy and healthy. But you are also frustrated at the cost, hassle, and lack of support from the traditional healthcare and insurance model. How do you best support the people who support your business without going bankrupt? Lucky for you (and your wallet), Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care is an affordable, accessible and personalized alternative to traditional healthcare. Choosing JHDPC creates a relationship with a personal doctor on retainer for you. By offering your employees the benefits of Direct Primary Care, you are giving them personal access and

Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care Success Story (Historia de Éxito de Atención Primaria Directa de Ja

Bill has a history of diverticulitis which causes him to have occasional flare-ups of abdominal pain and bloating. On a Friday evening around 9pm, after urgent care and the pharmacies had closed, he started noticing these symptoms coming on. In this situation, most people, knowing their symptoms would get progressively worse without antibiotic treatment, would resort to going to the emergency room. Most likely, the ER physician, not having an intimate knowledge of this patient's history or having never examined him before, would do a CT scan to confirm this diagnosis. The ER doctor would then give him a dose of antibiotics to get him through the night as well as a prescription to fill the ne

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