NEW: Bi-Lingual Website (Nuevo: Sitio web Bilingüe)

Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care is a safe and welcoming health care environment for our growing Latino community. To further assist Spanish speakers we have created a Spanish version of our website. Use our site to get educated on JHDPC and get to know Dr. Figg. Learn all about pricing, signing up, scheduling appointments, FAQ’s, blog, DPC news, contact and location on this exciting new platform. At JHDPC we feel strongly that no matter who you are, you deserve care! Un-banked? Un-insured? Give us a call or visit our new site. We are a private practice, and believe it is important to care for ALL members of our community. Need help navigating to the Spanish site? Visit In

Text For Treatment (Envio de Texto para Tratamiento)

Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care is different from any primary care you have experienced before. Dr. Figg doesn’t answer to insurance companies; he answers to you, his patient. Because of that unique relationship, you and your health will benefit in a variety of ways. Dr. Figg welcomes the reality of today's fast-paced technological world and understands that one of the easiest and fastest ways to communicate with patients is via text. As a member of Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care, you will experience care in real-time, on your terms and on your schedule. This means bypassing the arduous and exhausting process of communicating with insurance first and finally your doctor in the traditional

Ciudados Primarios Directos de Jackson Hole En Español

Ciudados Primarios Directos de Jackson Hole da la bienvenida a la comunidad latina con los brazos abiertos. Si usted no habla inglés, nosotros estamos trabajando con One22 ayudando a los pacientes a que hagan sus citas, a entender la práctica y también a proporcionar interpretación en el consultorio. Para aquellas personas que no saben, Direct Primary Care es un modelo nuevo y emocionante de atención médica. Direct Primary Care, o DPC, es un consultorio con atención primaria integral y personalizada que piensa primero en usted, en lugar de su compañía de seguros. En lugar de que los pacientes paguen cuotas muy altas por los servicios, que es lo que pasa a menudo con las compañías de

Connecting the Patient to the Physician

I recently texted Dr. Figg about a lingering cough; not only did he text me back right away, but I saw him 30 minutes later for an appointment. I call that real time health care on my terms. When was the last time you were able to quickly and directly communicate with your doctor? If personalized healthcare centered around your needs sounds like something you are interested in, Dr. Figg at Jackson Hole Direct Primary Care is standing by. Just like the name implies, Direct Primary Care connects patients with physicians. We think taking care of your health should be this easy, don’t you? As a patient of JHDPC you will be able to text, call or email Dr. Figg directly, whenever you need. Stop by

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