Respectful, affordable treatment for you
Medical evidence clearly shows that treatment with medication
reduces addictive behaviors, including rates of relapse and overdose.
Our program follows American Society of Addiction Medicine treatment guidelines.
We are committed to providing affordable care.
This also means no hidden or unexpected fees.

New Patient Induction- 1st Month

including your initial appointment and first follow-up 


New Patient Transfer- 1st Month

from another soboxone program


Ongoing Buprenorphine Management

DPC + Buprenorphine Management

enhanced primary care + buprenorphine management



Urine Drug Screen 

required at every buprenorphine visit 


Initial Patient Bloodwork 

for HIV, Hepatitis and liver tests, at our very discounted prices


We do not bill private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid in order to minimize overhead and keep your costs low.
We do not directly provide counseling. Patients are expected to participate in outside counseling programs. We can provide a list of local addiction counseling services.
Download our new patient packet, print this and bring it to your first appointment.
Please click the appropriate link below to sign up!
Then, return here and fill out the intake form.
Addiction Treatment Resources
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